Valley Presbyterian Hospital

Van Nuys, California

The Valley Presbyterian Hospital Voluntary Seismic Improvement project brought one of the largest and most prestigious full-service acute care facilities in the San Fernando Valley from an SPC 1 rated building to an SPC 2 rating to ensure compliance with the Seismic Safety Act structural provisions. The structural improvements to the 1950s building were completed by the government mandated date to allow the hospital to continue to perform acute care services.

Structural repairs and strengthening of designated beams and columns using an advanced composite known as Fibrwrap spanned throughout three towers within the hospital campus. The Fibrwrap systems were primarily used as externally bonded or near surface mounted additions to existing structural elements including columns, beams, slabs, walls, pipes and structural connections. A percentage of the value of the structural repairs was dedicated to ADA upgrades throughout. Additional scope included cosmetic upgrades, remodeled restrooms and locker rooms and the addition of nourishment areas.

This OSHPD job was performed in the occupied 350-bed hospital that serves thousands of families each year. A significant challenge that was met without fault was maintaining service and avoiding disruption of any equipment servicing the patients or the staff.

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