Environmental Charter HS Science Laboratory

Lawndale, California

Environmental Charter High School (ECHS) is an innovative public charter school with a unique experiential learning design for college-prep students. ECHS serves Lawndale and surrounding communities in Los Angeles. Shangri-La’s commitment and knowledge of green construction practices resulted in a successful, sustainable renovation of two laboratories on the campus.

The building renovations were intended to improve the health and well-being of the students while increasing productivity through sustainable strategies. A major focus of the renovation was providing daylighting elements to improve the performance of the students while contributing to energy savings. The existing windows were replaced with high-efficiency dual glazed single-hung window systems equipped with sun shades that promote energy efficiency and high indoor air quality. The aluminum frames used for the windows contain 81% recycled material. A sustainable polished concrete was applied to the flooring that also increases ambient light. Daylight harvesting light fixtures with automatic dimming and occupancy sensors were installed throughout both laboratories.

Although ECHS did not pursue LEED certification, all materials used in the renovation were the most sustainable options possible. Low VOC paints were used throughout along with furniture constructed solely of recycled steel and recycled fibers.

Square Footage: 
3,000 SF
Project Highlights: