Joe Martino

Chief Operating Officer

Joe Martino serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Shangri-La Construction (SLC). As COO, Joe manages the on-going business operations ensuring they are efficient and effective and reports them to the CEO. Joe implements, and continuously improves upon, SLC’s processes, procedures, systems and standards. With the CEO, Joe determines the company’s strategic management plan based on resources and internal and external assessments, manages and executes it. Joe accelerates growth and develops a performance culture among our divisions and overall team.

Joe is a 30-year construction industry veteran who spent many years as a Vice President at Howard S. Wright where he specialized in the alternative delivery of private sector projects across a range of market sectors. Throughout his career he has had a hand in millions of square feet and several billion in construction contracts, many of which have been critical in the redevelopment of downtown Los Angeles. In addition to traditional construction, Joe spent multiple years servicing nuclear power stations and oil rigs.

Joe is graduate of the Diver’s Institute of Technology Underwater Construction in Seattle, Washington and a former professional downhill ski-racer.

“People inherently want to do a good job, give them the proper environment and they will do great things, walking into the SLC office for the first time was a defining moment, this is a great company with great people doing great things.”

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Address: 550 South Hope Street, Suite 700, Los Angeles CA 90071

Telephone: 213.797.4240

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